Ireland’s recognition of Palestine about electioneering: Paisley

North Antrim MP Ian Paisley has said that Ireland’s move to recognise the state of Palestine are about electioneering.

By Ian Paisley Candidate

North Antrim

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He said,

“The announcement by the Dublin Prime Minister to recognise the state of Palestine - even though he could not identify that state accurately on a map - will unfortunately only play into the hands of extremist, anti-Jewish and anti-Israel factions. Ireland should brace itself for a run of abuse against people and businesses associated with Israel. What is atrocious is that the announcement this morning did not have one word of condemnation of Hamas terrorism on 7 October.

Those who are taking these decisions say they are defending the human rights of innocent children when we know many of the same people are hiding behind those victims of the war as a shield to mask their anti-Israel viewpoint.

It has taken the Irish state over 90 years to recognise Palestine. One can only view that this is about electioneering and appealing to the extreme elements in Irish society to come back and support the so-called centrist parties.

Given the unique association Ireland had with prominent Israel figures - Irelands first chief rabbi and a President of the state of Israel all with Irish ancestry - one can only see this as a turning away from Israel.

Israel was right to remove its representatives from Dublin.

We can stand with the innocent Arab people whose Palestinian identity is not in question whilst at the same time calling out Hamas. Hamas are using those same innocent people as human shields in a war they started on 7 October when they attacked innocent Jews in Israel.

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