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The DUP's North Antrim MP Ian Paisley has responded to news that Mid & East Antrim Council has had to withdraw staff from Larne Port following threats.

Mr Paisley said,

“My thoughts are with the staff affected. I condemn all threats to staff outrightly. Such tactics have no place in a democracy.

This is the sad reality of those who imposed terms on Northern Ireland without the consent of the delicate community balance which exists here. The Protocol was bound to end in tears and here we have society’s structure falling apart.

When Leo Varadkar shamefully distributed copies of border posts being blown up in Newry 30 years ago around EU Commission members, he demonstrated that violence and the threat of violence has a seat at the table.

At the heart of progress in Northern Ireland has been cross community consent. Those who thought they could impose something against the will of every unionist are now reaping the seeds of division they have sown. The Protocol was bound to cause these problems given the triumphant approach by republicans and nationalists and the wilful ignorance that 50% of the population was opposed to the Protocol.

Its time for the Government to step up and invoke Article 16, set it aside and let’s get back to proper trade without restrictions.”