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North Antrim MP Ian Paisley has said it’s time for the Government to end the farce of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Speaking after raising the issue during Northern Ireland Questions in the House of Commons the DUP MP said,

“It is clear that the NI Protocol has partitioned the United Kingdom, undermined business and damaged the political and social fabric of Northern Ireland. The EU is imposing more checks on goods moving from Great Britain to Northern Ireland than either Russia and Belarus and the European Union. Lord Frost has also pointed out there is no risk whatsoever of any of these goods entering the Single Market.

Having described the situation as “farcical” the question for the Secretary of State and the Government is when they are going to end this farce.

There is an overwhelming case that the NI Protocol is disproportionate, unjust and unworkable. Our partners in the European Union don’t even appear to know that Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom. The Government need to step forward with a clear timeline and a clear action plan as to when this will be fixed.

The situation created by the Northern Ireland Protocol is indeed a farce, but for the economic and constitutional wellbeing of Northern Ireland every day it continues is also a tragedy.”