Ian Paisley pays tribute to Sir William Wright

North Antrim MP Ian Paisley said

"Today, with the passing of Sir William Wright, Ballymena has lost a giant.

A Godly man of faith.
A loyal Ulsterman.
An entrepreneur without match.
We will not see his like again.

I wish to extend to Lady Wright and to all the family my and my family's and our party’s sincerest condolences for their loss.

Sir William was a giant character. He was one of the last true captains of industry and commerce and a man who has left his mark, not just locally but globally. Everywhere there is engineering or manufacturing or sales of busses his genius will be remembered.

I have had the honour of knowing him and his family for decades. He was both a political and business leader. He cared passionately about the employment and skills training of local people. He loved Northern Ireland and he was dedicated in everything that he did. When in his presence you knew you were with someone remarkable. He had that X factor that, so few possess. But those who have it make a difference to all around. Northern Ireland was so fortunate to have him as a son.

To his immediate and extended family. They can take courage in his faith, which was strong. His witness purposeful. At their time of great loss, they know many people across the entire country will be praying for them."

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