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East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell said that rhetoric from Lord Hain on being an honest broker doesn’t match up with the Labour Party's actions.

Commenting after questioning the former Secretary of State on legacy issues at the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee this morning the DUP MP said,

"Lord Peter Hain talks regularly about the Government needing to be an 'honest broker' in Northern Ireland. It will of course be up to individuals to judge whether Lord Hain met that test, particularly when viewed in light of issues like the secret OTR scheme.

However, he also fails to recognise that such non-partisanship is not present in the role played by the Irish Government as a 'support act' for nationalism in Northern Ireland. Whilst he expects the UK Government to be neutral, such questions aren’t asked by Labour MPs about Dublin's approach to NI.

One of the last time we heard such criticisms from Peter Hain was following the Confidence and Supply Agreement which saw the DUP deliver stable government yet not take the Conservative Party whip. The SDLP however continues in a sister party relationship with the Labour Party, as it did when Labour were in Government.

Peter Hain as usual is heavy on the rhetoric, but light on matching words with actions."