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The DUP’s East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell has said that with a United Kingdom surplus of covid-19 vaccine, then a mutually agreeable shared system with the Republic of Ireland should proceed.

Mr Campbell said,

“The dispute between the EU and our own Government over vaccine supplies can hopefully be resolved shortly. The issue of the UK offering vaccine doses to the Irish Republic is also a sensible arrangement as we need people in countries wherever travel is done from and to, to be offered the vaccine as that benefits all of us. Given the amount of travel along the border counties, it is in Northern Ireland’s interests to be good neighbours and have help offered and given.

More than three months on from the start of the vaccine rollout, in the UK we have three to four times more per head of the adult population vaccinated than the average EU Country. Since the 1st January in the Irish Republic there have been over 140,000 reported positive cases and more than 2,400 reported deaths.

How many of those cases and deaths were attributable to EU incompetence resulting in significantly fewer people vaccinated? We will probably never know, just as we will never know how many fewer there would have been had the Republic not been hamstrung by EU rules and bureaucracy.

None of that however should prevent a united approach across all nations to defeat the virus and get normal life resumed as quickly as possible for everyone.”