Gregory Campbell – “victims must always have access to justice”

East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell has welcomed the widespread opposition to the Government’s legacy proposals but emphasised that the early release of prisoners in 1998 was also a corruption of justice.

Mr Campbell said.

“There is a welcome unanimity across all parties in Northern Ireland in opposition to proposals for a Troubles amnesty. Access to justice is vital. We should listen to those who suffered most. They too have voiced their opposition to this. Most importantly, the Government needs to listen to those voices.

Proposals for an amnesty are a clear and obvious corruption of justice. Unfortunately, however, some of those who stand opposed to an amnesty today previously negotiated and promoted a partial amnesty in 1998.

The release of terrorist prisoners was a partial amnesty that also corrupted justice. So too was the proposal that anyone now convicted of a scheduled offence committed prior to April 1998 would serve a maximum of two years in prison.

Having stood in opposition to those previous corruptions of justice, I stand again against the Government's current proposals. It is welcome that there is now a united stance across the political spectrum. Anyone who broke the law should face the threat of prosecution and conviction for their crimes. That should be a principle which everyone unites under.”

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