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DUP East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell challenged the Prime Minister in the House of Commons today (Wednesday) to make good his commitments and deliver unfettered access for Northern Ireland from the Great Britain market.

Commenting afterwards Mr. Campbell said,

“The Northern Ireland Protocol was imposed on Northern Ireland against the wishes of every single unionist party. The DUP MPs and MLAs opposed it at every turn. After six weeks of operation, the flaws of the Protocol have been laid bare. Supply chains are breaking down with huge delays and mountains of paperwork to get goods from one part of the United Kingdom to another. This is not acceptable. Even the pro-protocol parties who once called for its “rigorous implementation” recognise dramatic change is needed.

The Prime Minister promised unfettered trade. It is time for him to make good that commitment. Words are fine but Northern Ireland needs to see meaningful actions which implement permanent solutions for everyone who lives here. No sticking plasters or temporary fixes.

The E.U. demonstrated that by triggering Article 16, it was prepared to act unilaterally to advance its agenda, the Prime Minister must demonstrate similar commitment to protect the United Kingdom single market. Northern Ireland must be freed from this damaging Protocol which is economically and constitutionally unacceptable.”