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DUP East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell has tabled a motion in Parliament to recognise Glasgow Rangers Football Club winning the Scottish Premier League title for a world record 55th time.

Mr Campbell said,

“As a lifelong Rangers fan, I am delighted on a personal level but a success of this magnitude, given the previous problems at the Club, should be recognised by the national Parliament.

Not only is this a massive achievement but record setting in so many ways. The team has been undefeated this far in the league season and the earliest in the season that the Scottish title has been won in 119 years.

It is right and fitting that Parliament sends its congratulations and marks this incredible effort for the players, management and back room staff.”

Note to editors

Wording of motion below:

Glasgow Rangers win the League title for the 55th time

That this House notes the fact that Glasgow Rangers FC won the Scottish League for a world record fifty fifth time, congratulates Manager Steven Gerrard, squad, backroom staff and all associated with the Club on an achievement that included being undefeated throughout the league season up to winning the title and had conceded only nine goals in those thirty-two games, winning the title on the 7th March 2021, the earliest date it had been won in one hundred and nineteen years.