Gregory Campbell : DUP is bringing matters to a head

DUP East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell has spoken in the House of Commons during a debate on the Northern Ireland (Ministers, Elections and Petitions of Concern) Bill.

By Gregory Campbell MP

East Londonderry

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Mr Campbell said,

“Most people in Northern Ireland want stable devolution. They want the Northern Ireland Executive to function on the matters of health, education infrastructure etc. Yet this legislation was needed because for three years Sinn Fein blocked all Northern Ireland Executive meetings, the Northern Ireland Assembly and the North South meetings they now complain aren’t being held. They blocked health reforms and delayed millions of pounds of investment.”

On the NI Protocol

“We are not threatening to bring the Institutions down, we are acting to bring matters to a head. If London and Brussels will not listen to unionist concerns, then the people must have their say at the ballot box.

The Northern Ireland Protocol is infecting political decisions. It is undermining the Union between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom both constitutionally and economically. Not a single elected unionist supports the Protocol.

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson is right to focus minds both in London and Brussels. Delaying progress makes the situation more difficult to ultimately resolve and could allow matters to spiral out of control.

Whilst six months ago Brussels was saying the Protocol couldn’t be changed, we note combined pressure has helped bring them back to the table and talk about changes that are needed. That is step one, we now need to see the further steps required”

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