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The DUP East Antrim MP Sammy Wilson has urged the Government to act unilaterally and ease the flow of trade between GB and NI.

Mr Wilson said,

“Despite what the Secretary of State may claim, there is a border in the Irish Sea which is disrupting trade with Northern Ireland and also with the Republic of Ireland. The evidence becomes clearer by the day but it is ironic that whilst the UK Government slavishly follows the dictates of the EU single market requirements and the bureaucracy attached to it, the Irish Government has been prepared to sweep EU documentation demands aside.

The Ministers in the Party “of the Union” cannot stand idly by whilst the outcome of their foolish and cynical decision to bow to Europe’s demands for a Northern Ireland Protocol in the Withdrawal Agreement damage one of the key features of the Union – namely Northern Ireland’s access to the UK’s single market.

The Republic has shown what can be done to ease the flow of trade when it damages their economy. The UK Government has the power even within the Withdrawal Agreement to act in the same unilateral way and Ministers should be doing that immediately.

We cannot have farmers unable to access seed potatoes, consumers paying 20% more for second hand cars, individuals unable to have goods delivered from Great Britain and supermarkets with empty shelves.

The DUP warned that the protocol would damage Northern Ireland economically and pointed out that those trade organisations and politicians who were calling for protection of the Irish border were playing into the hands of those who would erect a border between Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

We are glad that they have belatedly recognised the folly of their policy, strategy and demands (even though they won’t admit their foolishness).

Our decision to vote against the protocol on three occasions, our campaign to have it set aside since last January and our support for legislation including the Internal Market Bill are positions which have all now been vindicated.”