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Paul Girvan MP, the DUP Westminster spokesperson on International Trade has warmly welcomed the United Kingdom’s trade deal with Japan, the world’s third largest economy. This deal is the first deal the UK has signed as an independent sovereign nation since it’s departure from the EU.

Welcoming the historic step, Paul Girvan said:

The deal which the UK has agreed with Japan is a highly significant moment for the UK as our country establishes independent trading links around the world. The deal struck with Japan does not simply replicate the trade agreement Japan has with the European Union but greatly surpasses the trading relationship which they enjoy.

The deal, beyond the major economic benefits to all parts of the United Kingdom, signifies that the UK is open for trade and ready to do business with other major economies around the world. Agreeing this trade accord with Japan also gives us preferential access to other nations which Japan has close trade ties with, enabling UK businesses to export to new destinations with much reduced tarriffs on many products.

As a member of the International Trade Select Committee at Westminster I know very well of the hard work put in by the many who were determined to make this happen. This deal is all the more remarkable considering that the British public were told on multiple occassions that even the most simple of trade deals would take years upon years to sign-off. Clearly this is not the reality and I encourage the Government not to slow up now but to pursue the prize of further major trade deals around the globe, unshackled by the bureaucracy of the European Union, Commission and Parliament.