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East Belfast MP Gavin Robinson has said the law must apply to everyone and that any question of an amnesty for someone accused of a crime should not be contemplated.

The DUP MP said, "In dealing with the past in Northern Ireland we must be clear that access to justice is a vital principle and it should not be removed. Anyone who committed a crime should be held accountable for that if evidence can be put before a court and a conviction secured.

There has been a deliberate attempt by some to conflate protections for armed forces veterans with some sort of blanket protection against any prosecution. We must be clear that if someone has committed murder, they should be prosecuted for that crime regardless of who they are.

What we are seeing with those who answered the call to serve in our armed forces however is a cycle of reinvestigations and prosecutions being brought forward for which they have already been investigated or when there is no new or compelling evidence. They deserve the protection against such a process which appears to be guided by how vocal a publicity campaign is rather than justice being served.

There is a huge difference between those who set out to bring murder and mayhem onto our streets and those who were asked by our Government to step forward and protect our society. Anyone who suggests that our veterans should be treated in the same way as paramilitaries are wrong and that is why the suggestion of an amnesty is wrong.

The Government should not seek to evade its responsibility to those who served in our armed forces through such an approach."