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DUP East Belfast MP Gavin Robinson has asked the Information Commissioner’s Office to investigate Sinn Fein’s use of data which has been gathered online.

Mr Robinson said,

“There have been concerns raised recently about Sinn Fein's use of personal information gathered on voters, stored on an internal party database called 'Abu'.

Whilst such reports have emanated primarily from the Republic of Ireland, as a political party which stresses its 'all-Ireland' approach, it would seem likely this database would hold details of individuals in Northern Ireland also.

News reports have stated that the Data Protection Commissioner in the Republic of Ireland is understood to be considering the issue. This should also be pursued by the Information Commissioner's Office here, including if necessary, a full audit of Sinn Fein's operations in Northern Ireland.

I am very concerned about this story which seems to bounce between Serbia, Germany, USA, NI and RoI. The only place missing is Timbuktu.

I have raised these concerns with the ICO and on Monday they confirmed receipt of my request for an investigation to ensure all data is being handled appropriately.”