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DUP Westminster Leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson has urged the Government to recognise that trust has been fractured both through bad policing decisions and the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Speaking after raising the matter in Parliament today The Lagan Valley MP said,

"We oppose violence. It is unjustified and unjustifiable. Politics is the pathway to securing change and fixing problems. Violence just results in broken lives.

Our thoughts are with the police officers who are standing on the lines and in particular those officers who have been injured.

Trust is at the core of the problems in Northern Ireland and the Bobby Storey funeral was the breaking point.

The Chief Constable and his senior command team must take responsibility for the bad policing decisions which were made and take the steps that are needed to rebuild confidence and trust. Policing must be fair and impartial.

Trust was also fractured by the Northern Ireland Protocol being foisted on Northern Ireland against the will of every unionist Party. It is flawed. It undermines the east-west relationship and drives a coach and horses through the consensus principle at the heart of the Belfast Agreement.

The Secretary of State and others can rightly condemn the violence, alongside the rest of us, but condemnation alone will not fix the problems. There must be action. Whether economically or constitutionally the Government must replace the Protocol and Brussels must recognise that solutions only work in Northern Ireland when they command the support of both unionists and nationalists.”