Forsythe – SF hypocritical on hate crime

South Down DUP MLA Diane Forsythe has called out Sinn Fein hypocrisy and said there must be a consistent approach towards those who commit hate motivated crimes.

By Diane Forsythe MLA

South Down

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Diane Forsythe said,

“There has been a welcome focus on introducing offences to deal with attacks on people in public life, particularly online. Unfortunately, in Northern Ireland, attacks on elected representatives are not a new phenomenon. Whilst condemning today's online abuse there are some who defend and excuse previous attacks, intimidation and even the murder of elected representatives.

There needs to be a consistent approach on attacks, whether on elected representatives or anyone else. Condemning one whilst celebrating others isn't a sustainable position to hold. Sinn Fein needs to step forward and explain their stance.

The sole reason behind the IRA's murder of Edgar Graham for example was because he was an elected representative yet when challenged to refer to the killing as murder Michelle O'Neill could only talk of "different narratives" and that she was "not going to agree" with Mr Graham's sister.

Sinn Fein call for hate crime legislation yet continue to defend and support those who engaged in hate crime, including murder. They have called for legislation to tackle online abuse yet Sinn Fein representatives have been part of private social media groups which engaged in vile abuse against others.

In my own constituency, the Member of Parliament's office glorifies two individuals, including one who died trying to murder his neighbours. It's time for answers from Chris Hazzard and other Sinn Fein representatives as to whether they are happy for hate crimes which they celebrate to be included under legislation they claim to support.”

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