Forsythe questions failure by Sinn Fein MPs to declare Party salary

South Down MLA Diane Forsythe has questioned the failure by Sinn Fein MPs to declare in their Register of Financial Interests, the salary purportedly paid to them by the Party.

Sinn Fein MPs fail to declare Party salary by DUP on Scribd

By Diane Forsythe Candidate

South Down

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Ms Forsythe has written to the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner and the Electoral Commission for Northern Ireland.

Commenting, the DUP MLA said,

“Recent scrutiny around the financial interests of MPs raises a number of questions for Sinn Fein. Sinn Fein MPs do not receive a Parliamentary salary because they do not carry out their role in the House of Commons yet only one of their MPs declares any income. Sinn Fein has declared that these MPs are ‘employees’ of the party and are paid as such, yet this does not seem to be declared in their Register of Interests.

Is this another example where Sinn Fein believes rules are only for others to follow? It also highlights their approach to transparency where the public are entitled to know the exact salary details, except those paid by the richest political party. With millions flowing into Sinn Fein bank accounts, there is no cost of living crisis in Connolly House but Sinn Fein elected representatives must properly declare the financial interests.

The recent focus on MP finances must move beyond individual representatives however, and include moves to close the dark money loophole which allows foreign donations to influence politics in Northern Ireland when it is banned across the rest of the UK and in the Republic of Ireland."

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