Forsythe challenges NIO funding choices

DUP South Down MLA and spokesperson on Childcare Diane Forsythe has called on the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland to explain why he can give a blank cheque for Casement Park but is telling NI taxpayers they need to fork out more on taxes to pay for core services like schools, hospitals and childcare.

By Diane Forsythe Candidate

South Down

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Ms Forsythe said,

“Last month Chris Heaton-Harris told the BBC that the money would be found to build Casement Park yet at the same time he is urging the Northern Ireland public to pay more to invest in core services.

If the Secretary of State can write a blank cheque for a GAA stadium, then he can find funding to invest in critical services. Or does the NIO believe a controversial GAA stadium is more important than new schools, hospitals or childcare support?

The NIO seem more focused on announcing cuts and suggesting tax rises for political purposes than in considering the consequences for families across Northern Ireland.

If Stormont was restored tomorrow there wouldn’t be more money, we would simply have to debate where the axe falls. The Northern Ireland Fiscal Council have shown how we need more from the Treasury to fund our services. Sadly, the DUP is the only party making that argument.”

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