Former UUP Councillor endorses DUP Candidates

Former UUP Belfast City Council Group Leader Davy Browne MBE has called on the people of North Belfast to unite behind the DUP in Thursday’s election.

Mr Browne who served as a Councillor for the Castle DEA from 1985-2019, will be voting for DUP candidates Dean McCullough and Fred Cobain on 18th May.

Endorsing the DUP candidates, Mr Browne said.

“This Thursday I will be voting for the Democratic Unionist Party in the Castle DEA, an area I had the honour of serving for almost 40 years.

The DUP in North Belfast has earned the reputation to be the people’s party by virtue of their work in the community.

In this election, we must return hard working candidates who will work hard to deliver for the people of North Belfast. We need to build Unionism, not split Unionism.

Welcoming Davy Browne’s endorsement, North Belfast MLA Phillip Brett said.

“Davy Browne is a local legend in the Castle DEA, with a lifetime of hard work and dedication to its people.

It is an honour for someone of his calibre to endorse our Party and we pledge to continue in his tradition for working hard for the people of North Belfast.

This is yet another clear sign that Unionism in North Belfast is uniting behind the DUP.`’

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