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North Antrim MLA Paul Frew has said the Finance Minister has failed in his key task of bringing forward budget proposals that can secure support across the Executive.

The DUP MLA who sits on the Assembly's Finance Committee said,

"Bringing forward a budget is the key task for any Finance Minister but Conor Murphy's latest failure to do so appears to be falling into an increasingly well-worn Sinn Fein pattern.

The Finance Minister is charged with bringing forward proposals which can garner support from a 5-party Executive, not simply with indulging his own or his party's wishes. There is a need for movement on significant issues such as the funding of victims payments, where the Finance Minister must also pay regard to the ruling of the courts in this area.

All parties should also want to see the commitment to additional police numbers met and the Finance Minister needs to ensure that he steps up to that.

No one is pretending that bringing forward budget proposals within a multi-party Executive is easy, but it has been a task successfully achieved by most of Conor Murphy's predecessors."