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DUP East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell was met with a brief silence today at the Northern Ireland Affairs Select Committee when he asked the witnesses if they recognised that it was neither politically sustainable or practical for checks to be carried out either at Northern Ireland’s ports or at the RoI border.

Speaking after the meeting Mr Campbell said,

“Given that the Committee is online for a brief few seconds after I finished asking the question I wondered if I had been on mute and no one had heard my question but then I realised that despite the question being heard there appeared to be a reluctance to answer it.

There is no unionist consent and there is not going to be unionist consent for border checks at the ports. The last few weeks have demonstrated the practical never mind political problems with those checks too. Likewise the Irish government, the European Union and the UK Government recognise that its totally impractical to try and implement checks at the NI/RoI border.

It is apparent that the long-term solution lies somewhere between the two and that is where the European Union and the UK Government must face up to this reality.

There needs to be unfettered flow of goods from GB to NI for social, political and economic reasons.”