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DUP Deputy Leader Paula Bradley said,

“The issue of abortion is one of the most sensitive for any legislature to deal with and it is vital that everyone approaches it with compassion and care.

The DUP is a pro-life party, and our manifesto is clear in the desire to protect both mothers and unborn life. There has been some misrepresentation of the Party’s policy in this area but our stance is clear and has not changed.

Abortion legislation and any associated commissioning is a devolved matter. It should be decided upon by the Northern Ireland Assembly and Executive rather than at Westminster. The DUP has not called for and will not call for the ‘full commissioning of abortion services’.

The Severe Fatal Impairment Abortion (Amendment) Bill has been introduced to the Assembly to address the discriminatory abortion law imposed on Northern Ireland. This Bill would remove from our law the provision permitting the ending of lives of babies right until birth because they have a non-fatal disability such as Down’s Syndrome.

Our focus remains on protecting the most vulnerable in our society.

In relation to the issue of conversion therapy. The DUP supports a ban on the harmful practices involved with conversion therapy as clearly stated by the party previously. However, we will not support any legislation which does not contain robust protection of religious freedom.”