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During a debate today in the Lords, Nigel Dodds said:

"The situation on the movement of products into Northern Ireland since 1st January has caused considerable consternation to people here and extra costs and hardship to many. The Government must commit to doing everything in their power to overcome these obstructions and restrictions and to permit unfettered trade between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Legislation before Parliament today on fertilisers, permits the application of a U.K. wide regulatory regime for the marketing of U.K. fertilisers. It means that manufacturers of fertilisers in Great Britain can market their products across the United Kingdom both in Great Britain and Northern Ireland without restriction or obstruction.

EC fertilisers can also of course still be marketed in Northern Ireland. Given the degree of consensus on this legislation, the Government should tell us whether they anticipate being able to obviate and alleviate some of the difficulties around the movement of agriculture related goods to Northern Ireland from Great Britain either by this kind of instrument or other means.

The requirement for legislation to deal with the fall out of the protocol is of course deeply objectionable as a matter of principle. It is only necessary in order to deal with a protocol over which no one in Northern Ireland had any say or vote."