DUP has taken a strong and consistent stance in support of rural dwellers

Fermanagh & South Tyrone DUP candidate Paul Bell has said that only the DUP has said that whilst Sinn Fein and other parties are attempting to paper over the damage they were prepared to inflict on rural communities, the DUP has taken a strong and consistent stance in support of rural dwellers.

He said,

"Rural communities right across Northern Ireland are already benefitting from access to next generation broadband thanks to the DUP and despite Sinn Fein criticisms. Our next step is to see 100% coverage of fibre broadband right across Northern Ireland.

The DUP was at the forefront of standing up for our agri-food industry when Sinn Fein, SDLP, Alliance and Green Party MLAs were cheerleading un-costed climate change proposals that went against the scientific evidence. Our balanced and science-based stance ensures that farmers will continue to play a role in tacking climate change, but which doesn't put our single largest industry at risk.

I will always be a champion for our rural schools, and I know just how concerned many across both the Controlled and Maintained sectors are about the impact of the Integrated Education Bill. Whilst the DUP took a stand for schools, other parties either supported this or failed to take action to prevent rural children, and 93% of all our children in Northern Ireland being disadvantaged.

People in rural areas will not be fooled by short-term election slogans from other parties desperate to paper-over the damage they were prepared to inflict on those communities. It is only the DUP which has taken a strong and consistent stand in support of rural dwellers."

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