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DUP peer Nigel Dodds has condemned the rising numbers of incidents of anti Semitism in our universities.

Speaking in the Lords today he said:

"The Community Support Trust has published a detailed report highlighting anti-Semitism in universities and suggesting ways of combating it.

It is very disturbing that in 2021 the number of anti-Semitic incidents being reported in our universities is higher than before.

I am particularly concerned about reports of anti-Semitic incidents perpetrated by academic staff as well as by students union officers or student societies.

Every student regardless of background is entitled to a rich and fulfilling university experience.

It is vitally important that universities now act.

University complaints processes must be made fit for purpose as soon as possible so that reports of anti-Semitic incidents are dealt with appropriately, swiftly and in a way which instills confidence in, and gives redress to, those making the complaints."