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East Belfast MP Gavin Robinson has expressed disappointment at the news that a further 95 jobs are at risk of redundancy within Bombardier in Northern Ireland.

He said, "This announcement once again underscores the huge impact that Covid-19 has had across all sectors of our economy, but particularly within the aerospace industry. It comes only a short time after the news of 600 job cuts and will be of further concern to staff within Bomabrdier who have weathered so much over recent years.

Unfortunately today's announcement appears to be related to global forces of which we have only very limited powers to intervene. However, the sale of Bombardier's operations locally remains a key target which we hope can be a springboard for the future.

Given the very acute challenges faced by the aerospace industry it once again highlights the need for targeted support to this sector. I will continue to press for UK-wide action in this regard."