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The DUP’s Westminster Leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson has said:

“Abortion is a devolved matter. Any move by an NIO Minister to legislate over the head of the Northern Ireland Executive would raise serious questions about when and in what areas the Government can make interventions in a devolved administration.

The DUP would warn the Northern Ireland Office against legislating on a matter which is wholly devolved and we will vigorously oppose such steps.

When the Northern Ireland Executive was not functioning due to Sinn Fein’s boycott, the Government foisted the most liberal abortion laws anywhere in Europe upon Northern Ireland. Such laws would never have commanded a majority in the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Our Party Leader Arlene Foster and myself had an urgent meeting today with the Secretary of State. We underscored that this matter rests with the Health Minister Robin Swann and the Government should leave it with the devolved structures to make such decisions. We will continue to pursue this matter with the Government in the coming days.”