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Mr Robinson asked the deputy First Minister to outline her reaction to the comments of her Sinn Féin colleague, Brian Stanley TD, on the horrific Narrow Water atrocity.

Michelle O'Neil: Brian Stanley deleted his tweet, which was inappropriate and insensitive; he has apologised, and I accept that. We all have a responsibility in this decade of centenaries to remember and commemorate the past in a respectful manner. There is an onus on all of us in positions of political leadership to do our utmost to move this society on, to avoid refighting old battles of the past and to conduct our politics in a way that is respectful and which does not threaten anyone.

During this decade of centenaries, we are marking the key seminal events that have clearly shaped the direction of Ireland and the relationship between Ireland and Britain, over the past 100 years. We must set out our analysis, experience and narrative of the past 100 years in a way that is honest, while doing so in a way that does not deepen division. As an Irish republican, I will contribute constructively by setting out, with confidence, our inclusive, positive vision for the future, where our mission is to bring all the people of this island together, not to keep us apart.

George Robinson: Given previous incidents, such as the gesture by Sinn Féin's Barry McElduff about Kingsmill, what action would the deputy First Minister take if a Member from her Assembly team was to make insulting remarks that were similar to those of Mr Stanley?

Michelle O'Neill: As I said, I think that all of us in political leadership have an onus to do our utmost to move society forward and to make sure that we avoid refighting battles of the past. I encourage all of us in the Chamber, as political leaders, to do so