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Commenting on the award of damages to Sarah Jane Young, the daughter of one of the soldiers murdered by the Provisional IRA in the Hyde Park bombing, DUP Leader Arlene Foster said,

"This award marks some legal recognition for the victims of the Hyde Park bombing. The families were denied seeing someone described by Mrs Justice Yip last year as "an active participant" evade justice because justice had been corrupted by the disgraceful OTR deal struck between Sinn Fein and the last Labour government.

There are countless innocent victims across Northern Ireland who continue to seek justice for the murder of their loved ones. Many of those may now consider their legal options and seek some financial redress from those involved in terrorism.

Victims deserve both truth and justice. I pay tribute to the Hyde Park families for the determination and dignity they have shown throughout their long campaign. It was one frustrated by a decision in 2016 by the Legal Aid Authority not to support the civil action. I pay tribute to their determination and dignity throughout this process. They have finally achieved some measure of justice for the crime perpetrated against them."