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Please find the following lines following the Prime Minister’s announcement this evening – 23rd March 2020.

Only leave home for:

  • Shopping for basics
  • One form of exercise per day
  • Medical needs / care for vulnerable
  • Travelling to/from work where necessary or if you cannot work from home.

This will now be enforced by law and if people gather or engage in groups of more than 2 people you will be dispersed and face fines and other legal consequences. See the Prime Minister’s speech here.

Social distancing

If outside as permitted then please stay two metres apart. Wash your hands and catch all sneezes and coughs. More info here.

Essential versus non-essential work

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement of 8:30pm on 23 March details will be published about essential and non essential work. The Prime Minister has now been clear that working from home for those who can is a requirement and those who are travelling to work will be as a result of the need to fulfil essential work. See speech link above.

Panic buying

There is no need for panic buying. Food stores will stay open throughout. Economy Minister Diane Dodds spoke to all major retailers today. Full statement here.

Business support payments

This is based on your rates. Latest info here.
A grant of £10,000 is to be made available to all small businesses who are eligible for the Small Business Rate Relief Scheme. Another grant of £25,000 is to be provided to companies in the hospitality, tourism and retail sectors with a rateable value from £15,000 up to £51,000.

Retired clinicians

Legislation is being passed to allow retired personnel to return to the workforce with the necessary indemnities.

Civil service agency workers

DoF has announced enhanced terms and conditions backdated from 13 March 2020 for agency workers within the civil service. Can be found here.

Can construction sites stay open?

Yes, if they observe the social distancing. If this is not possible then the site should shut down.

Are schools open to children of one or two key workers?

Only one needs to be a key worker. Not every child has two one parent.

Will there be any further support for self-employed people?

We have spoken to Treasury to make this case. There are ways to make it work. It needs to be a national scheme. HMG are aware of the need to act.

Finally and Importantly

We are living in historic and unprecedented times. We must all do everything in our power to follow these directions and instructions from Government to assist our health service at this time. If you need further specific information please contact us at the usual numbers.