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The DUP’s East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell has said the intransigent attitude of the Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney towards unionist concerns, is exactly the kind of attitude which led to an unworkable Protocol being foisted on Northern Ireland.

Mr Campbell said,

“The Protocol has failed and needs to be replaced, yet Simon Coveney still seems blind to its flaws and to its blanket rejection within unionism. Such an unreasonable position is intransigence personified. It is exactly this attitude that led the EU and the UK Government to agree a protocol which no unionist party supported.

Whilst the ‘rigorous enforcement’ brigade is dwindling, Simon Coveney and his pals in Brussels seem to be the last people standing. Even the chief protocol backers in SF, SDLP and Alliance are sheepishly trying to forget their calls for rigorous enforcement but Coveney has missed the memo and is still, as the Irish Foreign Minister, telling unionists what he thinks is best of them.

Northern Ireland has a delicate balance of relationships. Progress has always been made and the institutions function when consensus has been found. Mr Coveney would do well to think on this and change his ways.”