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East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell said,

“The singular focus on the actions of soldiers on 30th January

1972 ignores every other aspect of what happened on that day as well as

the events leading up to it.

This process was started with the Saville Report. That report did of

course mention that Martin McGuinness was probably carrying a Thompson

sub-machine gun on the day of the march but chose to ignore the

Provisional IRA’s use of a sub-machine gun to murder two RUC officers in

the same vicinity just three days earlier.

Martin McGuinness’ possession of a sub-machine gun and that gun’s

previous use is part of the overall picture of what happened on that

day. So too are the activities of Official IRA members on that day, but

we know that these will not be the subject of a review or prosecutions.

Nearly fifty years after the events in Londonderry the activities of

soldiers continue to be investigated. In contrast, many other families

who lost loved ones have not seen any proper investigation into the

murder of their relatives. It also remains a fact that 90% of deaths in

Northern Ireland were at the hands of terrorists. Despite the protests

of some, it is indisputable that we see a disproportionate focus on

those deaths attributed to those who were serving and protecting the

community in difficult and very dangerous times.”