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The DUP Parliamentary Leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP has supported the Northern Ireland Secretary of State’s decision in relation to the murder of Patrick Finucane and urged the Government to press ahead with new legacy structures.

Commenting further the Lagan Valley MP said,

“Dealing with the past is deeply sensitive. It is important that a hierarchy of victims is not created. The murder of Patrick Finucane, like all murders during the Troubles, was wrong and we condemn it in the strongest terms.

The then Prime Minister David Cameron apologised in 2012 and as a result of the investigations and the reviews, Ken Barrett was convicted of the murder.

We must remember that there are thousands of people tonight in Northern Ireland who have never seen anyone brought to justice for the horrific murder of their loved one.

What we now need for all victims is a comprehensive legacy process to deal with all the outstanding cases. The Stormont House Agreement’s six-year-old legacy proposals failed to gain sufficient support amongst innocent victims. As the recent NIO consultation demonstrated, it is time for a fresh updated approach.

The Government should bring forward proposals which can command support amongst the innocent victims of the Troubles. At the core of those proposals must be truth and justice.

Ultimately, justice will bring forward truth and silence those who would seek to rewrite the past.”