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East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell has said the appearance of William Shawcross before the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee has only further reinforced the view that the Government has no real interest in pursuing compensation for the victims of Libyan sponspored IRA terrorism.

Mr Campbell, who is a member of the NIA Committee said,

"Mr Shawcross submitted his report to the Government around 10 months ago yet we now know that no Minister or official during that time made contact with him for a discussion about it. We know that only one conversation seems to have taken place relatively recently at Mr Shawcross' instigation because he was due to appear before the Committee. This does nothing to dispel the view that the Government has no real interest in pursuing this issue.

We know that in 2019 there was no mention from the then Foreign Secretary that it would be an "internal scoping report" produced by this exercise. However, even the production of that more limited document doesn't explain the failure to publish recommendations or even simply to demonstrate any serious level of interest in taking the issue forward.

In response to my questioning Mr Shawcross was clear that there is room for more work to be done and for his report to be built upon. The Government not only need to demonstrate such a willingness, but the first step would be to show that the work carried out will be properly considered.

The failure by the Government not only stands in stark contrast to the actions of the United States, Germany and other nations, but to their own words when instigating this work and in their response to the previous Northern Ireland Affairs Committee report on compensation. Whilst they might want it to be forgotten about, we will continue to ensure that the Government hears the voice of victims on this issue."