Can a reliable picture be obtained of events in 1972?  Campbell

East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell has said questions remain as to whether an accurate and reliable picture can be painted of events surrounding the killing of a man in Belfast in May 1972, which was the worst year for murders in Northern Ireland’s recent history.

By Gregory Campbell Candidate

East Londonderry

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The DUP MP said, “In many of these cases it is important to reflect on the overall picture of the troubles where more than 90% of killings were at the hands of terrorists. Were anyone to study only the investigations and court proceedings however they could be forgiven for thinking it was entirely different.

Everyone will accept the challenges of bringing forward a case more than half a century after the events have taken place. In this incident we are told that in a related case, there was insufficient evidence to bring forward charges. Events at the time were chaotic and confused and it seems unlikely that the passage of time will have improved any accurate recollection of events. Many will ask how it will be possible in this case for a reliable picture to be painted of events, to the necessary standards for a criminal trial.

Given the passage of legislation in Parliament it is entirely possible that this may be the last such trial to take place. It is important that when we look back. the overall picture of events, not just in 1972, but throughout the troubles is reflected rather than looking at investigations which have focused almost solely on the activities of the state as opposed to the terrorists whose murderous activities necessitated covert operations in the first instance."

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