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East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell has urged unionists to work together and reminded them that the poll that really matters is when ballot boxes are opened rather than a Belfast Telegraph internet opinion poll.

Gregory Campbell said,

This is an internet poll and as with previous iterations which showed different results, I gave them a health warning. The poll that matters is when the ballot boxes are opened.

Unionism must stand together and work together in opposing the Northern Ireland Protocol. We have been working to minimise disruption caused by something we opposed while pressing for more radical steps to be taken to negate it completely. It is time for all Unionists to Unite to get rid of the problems created by this Protocol. People would not forgive easily those who try and play party politics with something as serious as peoples' livelihoods and futures.

Those parties namely Sinn Fein, SDLP and Alliance where the chief cheerleaders for the Northern Ireland Protocol and must now take responsibility for the damaging consequences flowing from it. Those who were enthusiastic about it's 'rigorous' implementation seem to have rowed back and that is good.

I am glad the DUP opposed it at every stage and voted against it at every stage.