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DUP East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell has written to the Health Minister Robin Swann seeking what communication the Department has had with Aer Lingus following photographs and media coverage of a packed flight from Belfast to London on 4 May.

Commenting Mr Campbell said,

“The DoH has responsibility for the Covid-19 restrictions in Northern Ireland, therefore I asked the Health Minister on 28 May for his assessment and what correspondence he has had with Aer Lingus after the media coverage and some passengers had been interviewed expressing annoyance at the lack of social distancing etc.

I asked how many passengers were on the flight and what actions had the airline taken to take account of the Covid-19 restrictions.

Many people travel to London for essential work. I’m glad that airlines are now very conscious of their need to protect staff and customer health. However, the public needs to know what the outcome was of any investigations into the 4th May flight. ”