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DUP East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell said,

“As the number of new virus cases continues to rise there is more speculation around what further regulations will be introduced. The most important thing both Matt Hancock, Robin Swann and the respective Health Departments need to grasp is that regulations reinforced by law are only capable of delivering the desired results if the wider public understand them, see them as reasonable in the circumstances and therefore are prepared to abide by them, otherwise they become meaningless and at its worst counterproductive if there is widespread open defiance of them. Every responsible citizen wants to avoid that happening.

One problem at the moment faced by those intent on further restrictions, are the current UK wide facts. The peak when the pandemic was initially raging throughout the UK, for average numbers of new virus cases was reached on April 14th when 5,000 became the average number of new cases reached. There then followed a gradual decline through the summer but now due to the recent surge the average numbers are ABOVE that previous peak and stand at 6,000 per day. However the number of deaths recorded demonstrates a radically different picture. The high point again was touched on April 14th when average daily number of deaths reached 943, now however the average daily death rate is under 40.

This means that even though the number of 'new' cases is now 20% higher than the previous peak, the death rate is 95% lower than that previous peak. Matt Hancock and Robin Swann need to be frank with people, normal life with essential sensible precautions will be viewed by most people as the better way forward. No one should risk excessive measures creating a massive degree of resentment and resistance leading to an infinitely worse picture emerging.”