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East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell has marked the 49th anniversary of the murder of Constable David Montgomery (20) and Sgt Peter Gilgunn (26) in Londonderry.

Last year Mr Campbell hosted a short ceremony entitled "Not Forgotten" at Londonderry cenotaph.

Mr Campbell said,

“The 27th January 1972 was the evening on which two police officers on duty in Londonderry were very close to the events which would unfold 3 days later and became known as 'Bloody Sunday'.

The relevance of these two events on this day is the type of issue which I have raised on numerous occasions, which is the context of events where police or army personnel may have been involved is seldom taken into account when media reports are carried about, or there are subsequent investigations into, an incident. There was massive publicity about the events known as 'Bloody Sunday' but little or nothing surrounding why soldiers were deployed to the area and their perception of what they would face in the area where two police officers had been brutally murdered just three days earlier.

I had a meeting with the Veterans Commissioner this week and brought this issue to his attention. It is imperative that when for instance, a whole series of Inquests are going to be held regarding the deaths of people over 40 years ago that the overall local context is outlined to understand the type of environment those trying to prevent terror from occurring had to operate. Both the Veterans Commissioner and the rest of us in society must ensure that a fuller and more accurate picture is portrayed rather than the revisionism that so often occurs.”

Pictured above are some of those who took part in last year's ceremony at the Cenotaph in Londonderry.