Campbell comments on Supreme Court ruling

Commenting on today’s Supreme Court Ruling. East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell said

By Gregory Campbell MP

East Londonderry

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“We note that the judgement of the Supreme Court was to dismiss the applications for judicial review, with the exception of the decision taken by the Police on 17 October 2014, where the Chief Constable had already decided voluntarily to conduct a further investigation into.

With over 90% of murders in Northern Ireland carried out by terrorist organisations, many innocent victims will wonder why their cases were not viewed as worthy of an investigation.

Instead, they are expected to accept a proposal from the Government to legislate for an amnesty for those who terrorised Northern Ireland and its people.

Attempts by some to use the courts to tarnish the names of those who stood on the frontline to protect innocent civilians from the savagery and brutality of terrorism, will not succeed. Fifty years after events such as this will prove almost impossible to definitively pass judgment on.

The use of any form of violence was wrong and those responsible should be brought to justice. This is a position that all rightminded thinking people in Northern Ireland should be articulating and standing up for."

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