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East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell has called on the Home Secretary to investigate whether former newspaper editor Roy Greenslade was privy to sensitive information and potentially passed this on to IRA sources, placing lives at risk.

In a letter to Priti Patel, the DUP MP also asked what action could be taken in conjunction with Irish authorities in relation to recently aired concerns.

Commenting Mr Campbell said, "We know from Roy Greenslade's own comments that he was a supporter of the IRA. He has talked of his support for others carrying out acts of terrorism. He was happy to support others using "physical force" as he euphemistically calls it, but of course not to make it public at that point as it might cost him his job or impact his mortgage application.

That private support for terrorism whilst working as a senior journalist, has provoked much media coverage and concern. His absurd claim that the IRA never intentionally hurt any civilians demonstrates wilful blindness to the reality of IRA's bombing, abduction, murder and torture. We know that more recently he did offer bail to the Hyde Park bomber John Downey but the question remains whether any practical 'support' was offered to the IRA during those years of private support.

Whilst working at the Sunday Times, he was line manager to the late Liam Clarke at the time Mr Clarke and his family were forced to flee their home due to an IRA death threat. Mr Clarke's widow has rightly raised the important question of whether Mr Greenslade had knowledge of this at the time.

There have also been suggestions that whilst he was editor of the Daily Mirror in the 1990s, he was privy to highly classified government briefings. In that role he would have had some information in certain specific circumstances about some police operations in advance.

Any such knowledge and what transpired following deserves to be properly investigated. It is important the Home Secretary does seek to establish whether Mr Greenslade was privy to sensitive information and potentially passed this on. I would hope she will act on the wishes of those who suffered at the hands of the IRA and also outline what action can be taken in conjunction with the Irish authorities against him, given that he currently lives in the Irish Republic."