Caldwell family deserve answers as 20th anniversary approaches

Approaching the 20th anniversary of the murder of David Caldwell at the entrance of a TA base in Londonderry, Gregory Campbell has appealed for anyone with information about the murder to come forward. The DUP MP has also urged the Police Ombudsman to provide answers about the investigation into claims that intelligence meant police could have done more to prevent the murder. Mr Campbell first raised the claims with the Ombudsman five years ago this month.

By Gregory Campbell Candidate

East Londonderry

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He said,

"Monday 1st August will mark the 20th anniversary of the murder of David Caldwell by the Real IRA at a TA camp in Londonderry. No one has ever been charged in connection with his murder, in addition a serious allegation was subsequently made by a person claiming to be a former soldier who had authored a book claiming that intelligence meant the Police could have done more to prevent the murder happening.

I raised the issue with the Chief Constable initially and when the Police response was unsatisfactory then with the Police Ombudsman. It has now been under investigation by the Ombudsman for five years. The Caldwell family like countless others across Northern Ireland deserve both truth and justice for the murder of David. Those responsible for his murder were the terrorists who placed the bomb at the base, even after 20 years have passed there will be people who may have information that could help identify those behind this crime.

There is also an onus on the Police Ombudsman to complete the investigation and establish whether or not there is any truth in the claims that have been made about police actions at that time. For five years the case has remained 'under investigation', I have also raised it with the Secretary of State.

Such a delay only exacerbates the trauma suffered by the family in this case. As the 20th anniversary of the murder approaches, they deserve at least to know what the outcome of that investigation has been."

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