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The rates holiday for ALL businesses has been extended for another month – that is until 31 July.

The rates holiday will then move into its targeted phase, supporting sectors hardest hit by the pandemic for the rest of the financial year.

This includes the Hospitality, tourism and leisure sectors.

All pubs, hotels, ‘eating out’ venues, guest houses, camp sites, sports facilities, tourist venues, cinemas, and entertainment venues will pay no rates this financial year.

Retail businesses - small local shops, large departmental stores, both high streets and out of town retail – will pay no rates this financial year.

The exception is medium to large food stores and off-licences which have continued to trade, albeit with higher costs.

The viability of childcare providers is severely impacted by their difficulty in maintaining social distancing. Therefore they too will receive 100% rate relief until 31 March 2021.

Our airports will continue to be adversely impacted for a considerable time to come. It is vital that they are maintained through this crisis and are still able to function after the pandemic passes. That is why Belfast City, Belfast International and City of Derry will also receive 100% rate relief until 31 March 2021.