Buchanan – “SF offended by bookshelves but not terrorism”

DUP Finance Committee member and MLA for Mid Ulster Keith Buchanan has said the objection by Sinn Fein to the books an MLA might have on their office desk is an insight towards their true attitude towards the British identity in Northern Ireland.

By Keith Buchanan MLA

Mid Ulster

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Mr Buchanan said,

“Most MLAs were embarrassed. We have serious business to do and Sinn Fein's greatest concern is the contents of someone's bookshelf.

Sinn Fein defends and celebrates the most heinous of murders by the PIRA yet is offended by a centenary stone, a rose bush, a Queen’s jubilee tree and now a book about the UDR. It would seem that Sinn Fein's so-called 'new Ireland' will have its own banned book list.

The unscripted view put forward in a Committee meeting demonstrates a lot about the true Sinn Fein attitude and towards the British identity in Northern Ireland. In truth, Sinn Fein simply don't want a British symbol about the place.

Equality seems to have a contorted definition in the SF dictionary.”

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