Buchanan – “Murphy in fantasy economics”

The DUP’s Mid Ulster MLA Keith Buchanan has encouraged the Sinn Fein Finance Minister Conor Murphy to recognise the subvention that Northern Ireland receives from Her Majesty’s Treasury and how our membership of the United Kingdom benefits everyone living in Northern Ireland.

By Keith Buchanan MLA

Mid Ulster

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Mr Buchanan was speaking during Questions in the Northern Ireland Assembly about a recent Northern Ireland Fiscal Council report.

Keith Buchanan said,

“Despite having an official report pointing to the economic benefits of being part of the United Kingdom, the Sinn Fein Finance Minister is still living in a world of fantasy economics.

Sinn Fein wants to rip Northern Ireland out of the United Kingdom but chooses to ignore the devastation such a move would have on public services such as supports for the vulnerable and on livelihoods in Northern Ireland.

Its high time Sinn Fein wakened up from their dreamland economics and faced reality that the Union is best for everyone in Northern Ireland as has been demonstrated by UK wide pandemic supports such as the Furlough Scheme.”

Note to editors

The report being discussed was the Public Finances in Northern Ireland: A comprehensive guide.

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