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DUP Deputy Leader and Peer Nigel Dodds has said the description of the NI Protocol consent mechanism being a “brutal deviation” from the Belfast Agreement should make some pro-Protocol parties wake up.

Lord Dodds said,

“Rory Montgomery was Irish Ambassador to the EU and advised the Irish Government on Brexit yet even he can see how the Northern Ireland Protocol drives a coach and horses through the Belfast Agreement.

Whilst I take issue with some of Rory Montgomery’s comments, it is incredibly noteworthy that he can see the abandonment of cross community support as a ‘brutal deviation” from the Belfast Agreement.

It is appalling that the so-called protectors of the Belfast Agreement in Sinn Fein, the SDLP and the Alliance Party cannot see through their EU tinted glasses to appreciate how the Protocol destroys cross community consent and causes greater political instability.

The Protocol was foisted upon Northern Ireland despite the opposition of every Unionist party. Such an approach runs contrary to the principles of consensus politics.

It is time for the Protocol to be replaced with an agreement which does not undermine the economic and constitutional integrity of Northern Ireland.”