Brooks - Woodward out of touch on border poll

The DUP’s East Belfast MLA David Brooks has said our election campaign warning about border poll hysteria has been proven correct.

Mr Brooks was speaking after former Northern Ireland Secretary of State Shaun Woodward commented about a border poll on BBC Radio Ulster.

By David Brooks MLA

Belfast East

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David Brooks said,

“Given Shaun Woodward can’t get basic facts right about Northern Ireland, I’m not sure there is much merit in taking a blind bit of notice of anything else the man says. The one thing he confirmed this morning was how out of touch he is with Northern Ireland and evidently, he is not a supporter of the Union or unionist Parties.

The combined SF and SDLP vote has been dropping over the last 20 years and only 38% of MLAs in the Northern Ireland Assembly are from pro-border poll parties as opposed to a majority as Woodward suggested.

People should focus on making Northern Ireland work, building a shared future and replacing the Protocol with arrangements that unionists can support.”

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