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Commenting on the 5th anniversary of the decision of the British people to leave the EU, Sammy Wilson MP said:

Five years ago, the British people defied the political establishment and their backers in big business and the media by voting to leave the EU.

Taking back control has allowed the UK to deliver a world class vaccine rollout, free from the stifling bureaucracy of the EU. The freedom to procure and deliver our own vaccine programme has undoubtedly saved thousands of lives.

The UK has concluded scores of trade deals in record time, worth billions to our economy, with countries from across the globe.

Despite these successes, the Government’s duplicity has meant that two areas have not reaped the full rewards of Brexit, namely Northern Ireland and the fishing industry. There is no need to rehearse the problems in these areas, which we all know to be stark. I am pleased that there is now at least a recognition right across the House of Commons and within Government that the Protocol is unsustainable.

The DUP will continue to spearhead the campaign to deliver Brexit for all countries and sectors within the United Kingdom. We have the sovereignty to effect the changes required. All we need now is the political will.