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DUP North Belfast MLA Paula Bradley who also Chairs the Northern Ireland Assembly Communities Committee has called on the Arts Council and Communities Minister to extend the deadline for the Musical Instruments Scheme.

The Scheme was announced and opened on Friday 6 November at 3pm and is scheduled to close on Monday 23rd November at 4pm for two elements and Thursday 26th November at 4pm for another element.

Paula Bradley said,

“I commend the Arts Council and the Department for reopening support for the purchase of musical instruments but to give 17 days to turn around applications is unrealistic and utterly unreasonable.

I urge the Minister to intervene and extend the deadline.

I have spoken with groups and individuals who wish to apply but by the time they study the application form, secure quotations and get internal committee approvals which are required under their constitution, they will be very close to the deadline.

This is a matter I raised at the Communities Committee on Thursday and I’m delighted that the Committee supported my call for an extension. I trust the Minister and the Arts Council will now change course.”