Bradley – Labour Party has mixed message on Union

DUP Deputy Leader Paula Bradley has said that comments from the new Shadow Secretary of State Peter Kyle demonstrate again that the focus of everyone should be on making Northern Ireland work rather than chasing destabilising pipedreams of a border poll.

By Cllr Paula Bradley

Glengormley Urban


Ms Bradley said,

"Peter Kyle is absolutely correct when he says there is no serious prospect of a border poll in Northern Ireland. That is because all serious and reliable evidence demonstrates a continued solid majority of people in favour of remaining within the United Kingdom.

It is disappointing that the Labour Party's confusion about the Belfast Agreement continues however. Sir Keir Starmer was clear in his position that he would campaign to remain in the Union and absolutely correct that such a position is not in conflict with any agreement. Hopefully this position will eventually be understood by the rest of the Labour Party's ranks. Ultimately, the Dublin government is far from neutral in its view of Northern Ireland’s place in the UK.

Labour's position in a border poll which isn't going to happen is not the most important issue facing us however. Some in Northern Ireland continue to peddle a myth that just talking about a border poll will make one more likely to happen. It's time to forget about the republican pipedreams and get on with making Northern Ireland work. The task of rebuilding our economy and fixing the health service is what people from all backgrounds want to see us focus on."

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